My First Build, I know little to nothing, don't hate me!


Okay, next to nothing... I am an IT student due to graduate jan 2023 with by bachelors in programming software development. I though I knew more than I did until I recently started my networking classes, and understand I have alot... I mean alot to learn. That being said I am in an unhealthy marriage with Apple, and my imac that I was running parallels went down and its the only device i can access windows and apparently my education providers and Windows have been in a healthy 25 year relationship, never been happier. So Long story short, with my new knowledge and evaluation of my current situation which will inevitably only grow more tech demanding with time, I concluded the only logical thing to do was to buy a mac pro with endless capabilities for the future and powerful enough for today. So with my student discount the refurbished machine I need is roughly 10K.... OKAY APPLE, sure thing boss... I was about to pull the trigger. The nI was like F* thank, I got friends, I live in cali, I know at least 3 residents of Silicon Valley that have done their own build, Im smart, Im good with my hands, and my pockets will certainly thank me. So now Im like building" this machine with minimal knowledge, and have no clue if I A.most probably out did myself and B. have to be missing some stuff... I know there has to be some wires in this process, but I dont remember being prompted to get the necessary wires. Power source, no wires. hat being said, Is there a was to get macOS on my build? I mean I know there is a way, is there a non infringing on proprietary rights?

Any ways, here is my work load for the present

Running many processes at one, photo shop, imovie, streaming movies and music, uploading to you tube, running software for school like SQL Server, Parallels virtual desktop to access windows and windows apps, Power Points, online seminars plethora of Microsoft word docs, Pictures out the wazuu, storing important documents, browsing typically on three at once (safari ,Firefox, chrome). And no, I dont game, im not a gamer just a RAM abuser.

For the future (relatively near) I want to build a computer that is built for software development.

Or at least prepped to become. So my imac is old... but has 16GB RAM 1TB storage 1 intel i5 processor 4 cores 256KB L2 cache 4MB L3 cache running at 2.7 GHz .... not even ok, activity monitor says my CPU usage is maxed out at just about all times. I deally I want seamless transitions through the Adobe suite and Microsoft suite. I want to format keynotes to enhance my imovies, and do green screen edits.

My shot in the dark was I need at least 64GB of memory, but ts cheap so why not go for the gusto and get that 256 or at least 128 (see Im an over killer, probably dont even need it) 2TB storage, I figure I only need an 18 core processor but it doesn't really seem like something u can "add on" to and i dont want to spend on 18 now just to need 24 in a year and its only a couple hundred difference if that made since (I could be wrong). I am assuming a graphics card will help with my seamless transitions when running Photoshop but literally have no idea which one...

Any insight would be more that appreciated!


  • MightyD

    Ok, we've got one thing wrong with this build. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT PUNY GRAPHICS CARD. You're buying a 3970X. You need at least an RTX 3080 or else that PC is probably not even going to turn on my man. I recommend 3 graphics cards: RTX 3080, RTX 3090, Quadro 5000

  • JS_MC

    Hey @AmberEve Welcome to the community!

    I've got a couple of questions for you when it comes to this build, but first, I'll try to answer yours. :) I hope I don't miss any, but if I do, yell at me and please ask again. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Q. Can I use macOS on a non-Apple system? A. Most times, no. It is possible to build a Hackintosh, but this isn't something we condone or offer. Often times it is fairly tricky to get them to work and you are limited in the parts you can select.

    Q. More RAM Overkill? A. This depends on the tasks that you have for your RAM. If you're creating VMs or Virtual Machines, you will be allocating cores and RAM to those VMs. So you'll want some to spare.

    My questions for you are in reference to your choice of a Threadripper CPU. I'd recommend going with a 5950X instead of the Threadripper. Unless you have a known need for the additional cores, the 5950X is known to offer better performance in the Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office suite due to the IPC increase in the newer generation processor.

    If you are doing video production, I'd recommend a slightly higher-tier GPU, but if you're just doing photo work, I think the 1660 Super would fit your work. If you're looking for the most recent release, I'd recommend going with a 3060.

    I've created a build with the changes that I'd recommend, let me know if you have questions about this!

    It seemed like you'd been going with ASUS as a brand, so I tried to match that for you here. You could definitely change these parts out for a different brand if you prefer.

  • AmberEve

    so I will be doing some video editing but not to much, and running SQL servers and streaming and adobe suite and Microsoft suite. I am a programming and software development student so a little website creating in html css (thus far) microsft SQL server and Access (thus far) photoshop is a personal preference I do for fun in my own time, I own and operate a music publishing company so lots of streaming up loading and doing business on tune core, HFA affiliate, and minor video edits, mostly just uploads to youtube, but storing the hard copies in storage disk/SDD ASCAP up loads, copy rights, writing papers, making power points. I really love my apple, but its just not conducive to most projects school related. I am not a gamer, I went with the higher CPU because I felt like you cannot add on to upgrade, you have to just buy new, so why spend 500 now then 1500/2000 in a year or so when I am full fledge programming. Not only do I spend more in the long run, but now I have a 500 CPU on my hands rendered uselss, seems like with the CPU u may as well go for the gusto if you know you will adventually be needing it. At least that was my understanding of CPU, correct me if I am wrong.

  • AmberEve

    @MightyD I am a girl my man, and I am not a gamer, and I don't know what I am doing lol. Those cards are expensive... I am trying to put my money where I need it most!

  • AmberEve

    @LandShark Also, what about wires? or are those all included in the power supply? And I get free widows OS through school

  • AmberEve

    @LandShark I also want to make sure my build is built to be a work in progress that over time becomes better and better, so even if I don't plan on having the best of everything now, I want to be capable of becoming that by adding on as I advance in my programming skills. For example even if i only plan on filling 4 RAM slots, I still want the option of 8 available so I can add as I go, but I want that with everything!

  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    I am sorry for the delay in response. For better recommendations on the CPU, can we get a better idea of what software programs you'd be using for these tasks? That will help us better understand to make recommendations.

    As for the power supply, yes all the connections should be there. The only additional thing you'd need is a SATA data cable for any 2,5" or 3.5" hard drives which would run from the drive to the motherboard.

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