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I am a PhD student sick of depending on remote access to supercomputer facilities (long queue time and lack of GUI for data analysis). Therefore, I want to construct my own personal computer to crunch large database (max 100GB size).

I am gathering opinions, information and advice about how to do that. For instance, which parts would you recommend? I need a machine capable of: 1) handling large database (up to 100GBs); 2) performing data analysis rapidly (I code in Matlab, Stata, R and Python); 3) running code for days.

Important: I don't need a machine which is fancy (no fancy case, no fancy video card...). All I need is extreme computing power.

I am willing to spend extra money on RAM (need 128GB probably?), CPU and Motherboard. However, I want to save on anything not related to data analysis. Budget: at most 2,500$.

I would really appreciate any advice and comment,




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