Help Powerspec B745


Just Picked up a powerspec B745 and installed 2 Drives 12TB, and 14TB, lots of data to store-

Almost ready to button this up BUT I am not sure if I got the drive holder in properly or backward, if it is in correctly then I probably need right angle power cables, as there is a cover that goes over this, which might not work and would be tight.

Please help not sure, this case is a biatch ( I'm new to this)- when I reversed it( the drive holder assembly) it still seems tight, I removed and replaced power supply just to do these hard drives.

Thanks in advance for any help I can get


  • TSTDavey
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    Hello @Spizo411 and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. You should be able to reverse the HDD so the sata cabling is facing towards the back or motherboard not sticking out in the front of the HDD like so in your picture. You can also bring the system to the store for HDD assistance.

  • Spizo411

    Thanks, that is all I needed to know. The thing about living in a pandemic, being about 70, and having to drive 40miles just to get to the store stinks. In my 40's I built systems from scratch, as well as a retailer of acer computer systems. I hate being dependent, so this is me saying I can do this, I was not sure as to the direction, but the entire thing works well!! Thanks- I will reverse this!!

    Thanks for the feedback, I just assumed that since I already had the drives, the store would hassle me, and I was curious to see the improvements of how these are built. I did like the snap in no screws hard drive holders!!

    Thanks for your time and feedback😊

  • TSTDavey

    @Spizo411 Understood. Glad we could give you some feedback. Let us know how it goes. Either other MC forum monitors or I will reply if you were to post a question or another response.

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