Best day(s) for 3080 deliveries in Houston?

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I'm not asking for a date certain when they will arrive--I realize it is unpredictable. I'm willing to wait in line. But I live a distance away with young kids, getting away is tough, and it would be good to speak to someone in the Houston store who could give me their guess on which days I might have a better shot (like, "we tend to get more shipments in on Wednesdays and Fridays"). Is there any way I could speak to someone at the Houston store about this? I really appreciate any help.


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @TopHat and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. We can request for someone from the store to call you if you'd like. With there being a shortages in GPUs across the industry, its a challenge for any local retailer to keep GPUS; especially 3080's in stock. You were probably already aware of that.

    The store gets inventory trucks daily during the week. Most customers now are visiting the store every morning (1-2 hours) before it opens to get a chance to get into the store before anyone else. Then they hang out until the inventory truck comes in that day with the hopes of having a chance to get a 3000 series card.

    If you want to the store to call you back, they'll advise that you have to get to the store before anyone else. At this point its a completion against all other GPU customers who are attempting to get to the store and inline before anyone else.

    They'll probably share to visit the store Tuesday through Saturday or other days every morning if you can.

    Let us know if you'd like for us to request for the store to call you.

    Also, the 3080 are online at Newegg and Amazon, but at a premium. They are running $300 more than MC, but it does give you a higher and seamless chance of getting a 3080.

    Let us know if want a store call back.

  • TopHat

    Thanks for the quick response and helpful information. Please have the store call me. I really appreciate it.

  • TSTDavey

    @TopHat sure I will send the request. First we'll need some information from you, but we don't want to ask it on a public forum. So i'll be emailing now.

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