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I need to access my office computers from home. I need to have a minimum of 4 monitors possibly 6. Can you recommend my options for setup. Would a thin client such as HP or a desktop be best? I currently use my own pc with 2 monitors but looking to get a dedicated setup.


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @fjf and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Thin client are usually virtual computers with no CPU, memory, etc, and are connected to a server; which has to be maintained. If you have an IT person to maintain your thin client office computers, that could work.

    If there is no IT person, than the desktop with 4 to 6 monitors may be option to go with. If you need to remote into the computer from home, you'll want to invest in remote software like or

    You may have to purchase a second graphic card to be installed into the 1 desktop. Most manufactured desktops can support up to 4 monitors but not 6 in 1 desktop. The 2nd graphic card would give the additional 2 video ports to make up 6 monitor video ports in 1 desktop computer between 2 graphic cards.

    You could look at the Powerspec G508 sku# 213611 or the MSI Codex R Gaming computer sku# 225557. There is also a HP Omen refurb sku# 115683 that you could take a look at. Just type the Sku#'s in the search at for these systems to come up.

    You then could purchase a GT 1030 Sku#224279, which could be installed in any of the computers shared above.

    Let us know if this make sense and if have any other questions.

  • fjf

    Thanks for the recommendations. I will be using citrix to log in to my remote pc's at work. They are managed by an internal IT team.

    I am just looking to be able to remote into my work pcs and have mutliple monitors , that is the end game.

  • TSTDavey

    @fjf Understood, the desktop approach would work and might be the better approach over a thin client since it's only one computer. If you had like 30 computers and 30 users, then at that point to save money, thin client computers and servers might be the best option at that point.

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