PowerSpec G164 GPU Driver Issues



I recently purchased an open box G164 and I'm having problems with drivers for the 5500 XT. The card will only operate with drivers that are installed from windows update. Downloading & installing the AMD drivers with the Adrenalin software causes the card to crash instantly when I launch a game. The card seems to operate OK with the driver that windows installs, but I would like to install drivers directly from AMD if possible.

Things I have tried:

  1. Using DDU in safe mode before installing any drivers
  2. Disabling all of the "extra" options in Adrenalin
  3. Testing multiple AMD driver versions from recent history. All produce the same result.
  4. Trying to install the drivers in device manger without Adrenalin. I get a message that says "the best drivers are already installed" and can't work around it.
  5. Installing the 19.12.1 drivers. I can't get through the installation process. It gets stuck at "checking for new drivers"

Any help is greatly appreciated.




  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    I am sorry to hear of the issues. Do you get any error messages or blue screens when this occurs?

  • Adam94

    When I use the AMD drivers and launch a game it freezes and I get a black screen. This is usually followed by the system returning to the home screen, but I have gotten the blue screen of death a couple of times. Call of Duty Modern Warfare, in particular, gives me dev error 5763 or 6070. I've attempted to play a few other games too, so I know the issues aren't just limited to Call of Duty.

  • TSTDavey

    @Adam94 just chiming in. There are a few things to try. Before STARTING the steps below, make sure your power options in control panel are set to "High Performance".

    Also Just curious before sharing the steps, have you uninstall COD and then reinstalled it?

    If so and that has not worked, try opening the battle.net app and do a scan and repair on the COD game.

    Then test the game. If its still giving the same errors, then try going into game settings in battle.net for COD and choose reset in game options and do a reset. Then re-launch game.

    Test it and let us know what happen.

    When was the Powerspec purchased us BTW?

  • Adam94

    @TSTDavey I just tried your suggestions to no avail. I have not tried reinstalling COD, but I'm pretty sure it is not the issue because trying to run Valorant causes the same problems.

    - The only way I can get any functionality from the card is if I:

    1. Uninstall all the GPU drivers with DDU
    2. Go to Device manager
    3. Go to display adapters
    4. Right click on Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and choose update driver
    5. Search automatically for drivers
    6. Search for updated drivers on Windows Update

    From there it installs driver version 27.20.1034.6. I am able to play games with this driver, but haven't played enough with it to see if functions well. (I played COD for around an hour last night and it only crashed once and had some minor lagging issues).

    I would like to install the drivers from AMD but I'm stumped on whether the issue is with, Windows, the Adrenalin Software, or the graphics card.

    I purchased the computer on Friday 3/5.

  • TSTDavey

    @Adam94 sorry you're having issues. It could be the graphic card. You did adjust your power options to "High Performance" correct? Respond to this questions when you respond to our email. Let's create a ticket and troubleshoot this offline. Please be on the look out for our email.

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