Need help 5800x build

Start off, I've had two of the cpus so far and two of the motherboards. 
Ryzen 5800x
Vision d b550 mb
Ballistic 3600 ram
Rog strix lc 6900xt
Corsair rm850x
Fircuda 520 2tb
Inland performance 500gb
Corsair elite capellix cpu cooler
4 Corsair ll120 fans
Dynamic 011 
2 days ago when I finished the build originally I was getting uncorrectable whea errors and pc resets at idle, so I replaced the cpu. After replacing the cpu I get no boot. 

Lights come on and fans spin for a sec except for those on the cooler. Cpu light flashes on the motherboard and it doesn't do anything else. I've resetted the cables for the psu on both ends, restocked the cpu and verified the pump cable is going into the correct header. Resetted the ram. Flashed the bios. Can't figure out what to try now. This is the first build I've ever done where I've ran into constant issues at every turn. 


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