Recovering data from Windows_LDM disk


I have a system with a dead motherboard in at local MicroCenter. Trying to use their data recovery service and just got a message claiming my drive is bad. No: SSD has junctions points under C:\Users to the rotating drive to make sure that all user data is on the rotating drive. The problems:

(1) When I set this up I assumed that MicroCenter had formatted the rotating drive as basic NTFS, but they turn out to have formatted the drive as Windows_LDM. As far as I know there is no standard way to mount a Windows_LDM drive in a USB cradle.

(2) Whatever software MicroCenter is using to pull data from my drives doesn't understand Junction points, or maybe doesn't mount the rotating drive as D:\ in which case the junction points would not be valid.

Does anyone have a solution for getting data off the drive? The technician at MicroCenter is not currently able to access it.

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