MP3 music download onto micro chip


HI. Perhap,s I dont belong here but looking for advice for how to find someone who would make for me something of use in my art projects. I want to send a MP3 song to someone who can put it on a microchip and then attach a speaker with a 10 inch wire and also a button with a 10 inch wire and a small plastic case that would power this with 2 AA batteries. I used to get them in China but there must be someone here in the US who could do it cheaply. I would buy 20 or 30 or so every 6 months...... Not even sure how to describe it.... and hope that this is relevant to all of you that you would know what I am talking about and who could do it.... Thanks so much... what an amazing community has been developed here!


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @oldtimeartsandmusic and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Do you maybe have a picture of this device you purchased from China? Can you also give us a name of the device that was purchased from China as well?

    If we could see what the device is that you are describing, either MC and gives some input or the community can share some advice.

  • AlexPasseno
    AlexPasseno Store Associate
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    the adafruit audio fx mini soundboard is an amazing solution for you! its part number 2342 (sku007096) relatively simple to set up and micro usb powered!

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