Rattling Noise: RTX 2080 Super GPU


Hi there! My GPU is making rattling noises and curious to hear everyone's thoughts. I originally wanted the air-cooled GPUs but this was the last one in store in August 2020 before the shortage.

It's still in warranty and I'm also waiting to hear back from EVGA support. They told me to shake the radiator/GPU - finally SILENCE! But the noise eventually comes back.

I took apart my PC, cleaned the dust off everything, checked the fans and loose screw to really double-check but it's definitely INSIDE my GPU. Here is the video of the noise for reference.


The GPU temp is at 37C so the fan is always off until it reaches like 50-60C. It only turns on if I go into the BIOS to check.

I think my anxiety is taking over because I use this GPU for work (3D rendering/animation) and the 3080 market is brutal right now. Any comments/thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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