Upgrading question (Updated) - current Ryzen 5 1600/A320M Gaming Pro/16Gb Ram

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So got first build for son a few years ago. Mostly the same (changed his case and memory and got an SDD for booting in past)

Key components now:

Ryzen 5- 1600

A320M PRo Motherboard

16 GB ram

1050 TI video card

upgraded power to EVGA 650W recently

AOC CQ27g2 SuperCurved monitor

He loves online gaming and racing/etc. Been trying to get him a 2060 Super since Christmas but then thought I'd try for a 3060TI - couldnt find one of course but was able to get the EVGA 3060 XC Gaming instead today from Micro Center. He of course wants to get the best graphics he can....

Question - his bday is coming up soon - will he be able to use the new 3060 or will his motherboard and CPU gag? recommendations on what to do (or not) for best bang? Not really much budget left here .....

Any thoughts?

Thank you!


  • Ian
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    Hello! Looking at a bottleneck calculator, inputting the 1600 and a 3070 wouldn't cause any sort of noticeable bottleneck, so the 3060 (not yet available on this site), would produce similar results. So you should not need to make any changes.


  • CSR

    Hi - back again... So son asked about upgrading his PC (one we built discussed here) with more RAM and upgrading the CPU/Motherboard. Any suggestions on what may be the best bang for the buck? Seems like has things going pretty well but obviously he has older parts at this point. I did find an RTX 3060 XC video card before so that should be decent still.


    AMD Ryzon 5 1600 3200 mhz 6 core

    A320M Gaming Pro

    EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 XC Gaming Dual-Fan 12GB GDDR6 

    16 Gig of Ram

    EVGA GQ 650 Watt 80 Plus Gold ATX Semi-Modular Power Supply

    Any ideas on what may be worth considering for an upgrade for the RAM/Motherboard/CPU or any combo? Mostly plays games - racing and more modern horror, GTA etc.

    Thank you!


  • Ian


    Did you have a budget in mind and did you have more specific info on the RAM such as RAM type and speed?

  • CSR

    Hi - thinking maybe $400-500 range but really depends upon bang for buck. we initially purchased parts from Microcenter and built his first PC for about $600 a few years ago. Not sure the type of RAM we have (not too high end based upon budget we had) but he has 16GB now. So again, bang for buck really as not sure if it makes sense to focus on RAM or Motherboard or Processor a combo here. I dont know enough really about any bottlenecks etc from these.

    He likes gaming a lot - racing and online stuff. Pushes graphics but able to get by. I did upgrade his graphics card like I mentioned to a RTX 3060 XC Gaming last year.

    I had thought just RAM would work but then read some that maybe a new motherboard would be really good and possibly the Ryzen 5 1600 would still be enough.. then read that wouldnt.. Then someone mentioned to watch out for power but I thought I had upgraded that enough last time for some expansion... In any case, any thoughts on this would be really appreciated. This has been a fun project with my son as we have done small updates but may need something more this time.

    Thank you!


  • CSR

    Hi - all set. I went into the store and was recommended:


    ASUS z590 Plus Wifi

    32 GB of Vengeance DDR4

    purchased these along with a new Cooler (Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition) all for about $500

  • Ian

    Great to hear, those are some solid choices for new parts!

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