Help request: troubleshoot ASUS ROG and Samsung Odyssey+ HMD

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Hi - I am wondering if I can get some advice.


  • Ian
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    I am very sorry for the delay in response as it appears your question went overlooked, How can we assist you?

  • gamer_sloth
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    NP, Thank you. My earlier post was wordy. I didn't know about GPU scarcity etc.

    I am wondering if my HDMI out and especially my MiniDisplay port are actually fully functional. I do not have access to external monitors or other VR capable gaming systems to move forward with trouble shooting. Also...does my HMD function properly on a different system.

    My next will be a home built/new HMD, but not this year.

    Some details if you have time to consider:

    I own ASUS ROG Strix GL702ZC laptop Ryzen 7 1700 CPU   16g system ram

     Radeon RX580 GPU (4g vram) One 4K/60 HDMI, One miniDisplayPort.

    which we purchased (walk-in) from your Sharonville, OH store in early 2018. I believe I still have the reciept.

    I purchased an HMD from a different source summer of 2019. Samsung Odyssey plus.

    HMD display has always been intermittent. Tracking has always been good, even when/after HMD display crashes. I am still trouble shooting the HMD. Samsung replaced it (with a non-plus version, sadly) but my problems persist w/o noticible improvement. That seems to point back at my laptop.

    I made all the updates to GPU and other drivers/WMR Portal/Steam/ etc. that I could discover and remotely understand w/no positive result. I keep WIN10 updated.

    I speculate the 2017 GPU/motherboard manufacture customizations made by ASUS may place my particular laptop in an unfortunate category needing non-existant extra commitment from Microsoft to it's WMR standards (at the time, Samsung rep on the phone when I was arranging service lamented MS lack of interest in WMR). It is the 4g version GPU...would the 8g allow a work around? Does the fact that all OS graphics are generated by the rx580 suggest anything uniquely unusual??

    Based on no improvement with the replacement HMD, I think Samsung simply tossed my HMD on the returns pile and sent back one they knew was good (just not AS good theoretically).

    If allowed to choose (ie automatic quality and automatic refresh rate) WMR Portal will attempt to drive HMD at 90 hz. No display ever at 90 hz, even with miniDisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 active converter (Microsoft Surface as listed in Microsoft troubleshooting guide). Externally powered USB 3.0+ bus makes no difference. 

    Realistically, stable HMD performance at 60 hz will be a win at this point.

    So I am wondering if my HMD, my GPU HDMI out and my MiniDisplay port are actually fully functional.

    Thank you for any reply.

  • TSTDavey

    @gamer_sloth just chiming in. Excluding the VR HMD, does the HDMI port on the Asus work with your TV? Try connecting your ASUS laptop to your TV, it should have an HDMI port. If your TV shows your laptop, your video ports on the ASUS laptop works. There are issues with your HMD set up possibly at that point.

  • gamer_sloth
    edited March 2021

    I looked at that (again). I can get only a 640x480 TV display. From Win key-P, I select Duplicate Display. The entire 1920x1080 Display 1 desktop field is presented on the TV, but (apparently) de-resed to 640x480 res. Extended display works (mouse and Taskbar), but low res.

    If I set Primary display (laptop) to 640x480, the TV display is crisp and usable at 640x480. Extend display crisp as well. The Display 2 driver lists only 2 available modes, 640x480 and 1920x1080. With Display 1 at 1920x1080, Display 2 driver shows 1920x1080 as active but the TV shows only the blurry de-resed full screen view.

    I can switch away from my Display 1, and use only display 2 (TV). Starting from that clear Display 2 640x480 desktop on the TV, looking at Driver Modes available only lists one valid display - 640x480.

    Plugging the cable box HDMI back into the TV HDMI port (used above) returns the expected hi-res TV screen (1920x1080, apparently). TV does not have a good set of input/display resolution functions (that I can find, anyway...). I will try again to set up the MinDisplay port to HDMI converter to the TV tomorrow. I recall that it didn't work on TV either, but it has been several months since I last tried to trouble shoot this.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.

  • TSKyleH

    Hello @gamer_sloth I understand your not getting the best resolution options during these tests. I would recommend trying to reinstall the display drivers, this can be done either by downloading them from ASUS, or going to AMD to download the RX 580 drivers manually.

    After ensuring the drivers are installed again, I would check the Radeon Software and try making different configuration changes in the profiles. Sometimes you may need to select a high performance option with laptops to ensure the dedicated card is being used over the integrated graphics.

  • gamer_sloth

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my request! I did update RX580 drivers once as troubleshoot w/o success. That has been several months ago and I found the process confusing as ROG seemed to be promoting an hmd of their own manufacture which made the few mentions of VR options suspect. Perhaps it is time to revisit this. FYI, ALL of the graphics on my laptop are generated by the RX 580 GPU (according to the best product review info I could find - all model numbers referenced seemed to completely match my particular laptop short of S/N. This is why I was wondering if the LACK of integrated graphics is at the center of my issues.

    I will look at the GPU driver documentations again. Thanks!

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