Camp out Wednesday night/Thursday morning for a 6700XT? — Micro Center

Camp out Wednesday night/Thursday morning for a 6700XT?

Good afternoon,

Is it safe to say camping out Wednesday night will be a good bet at getting my hands on a 6700XT on launch day? My local store is in Sharonville Ohio which is about 2.5 hours from Fort Knox.

Thank you.


  • IanIan admin

    Greetings. From the turnouts that was present at other launches, I'd expect this to be something that you will not get one if you show up at the store when it opens in the morning. I'd imagine that there will be several who will be camping out at each store. We haven't heard anything about stock count or the amount of inventory we are expecting unfortunately.

  • Wednesday night sounds safe. Will probably vary store to store. I'll be heading there sometime after midnight

  • Any new info? I live in Syracuse New York and the closest micro center to me is 4 hours in different directions. The Philli, PA or the Patterson NJ one I’d be going to the night before. But if there’s already lines or if those stores aren’t getting them then I’d like to find out before driving 8 hours round trip
  • @Fxzo every store will have the 6700XT. We recommend to choose which store you'll want to drive too and get to the store as early as possible (2-3 hours or more) before they open on the 18th or the line starts.

    Good luck!

  • @Fxzo

    Congratz on getting your 6700XT and I applaud your patience when it comes to you getting your card. Thank you for posting your story on getting the card as well, as I am sure others are looking for details on getting their own 6700XT and are unsure what the buying experience is like.

  • Thank you! And no problem. Figured someone could use the info next launch, if the 6600xt really is a thing, to help them in some way. This card is literally perfect for what I do and play on a daily basis.
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