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WafflerWaffler Cleveland, OH
I’m considering buying a refurbished iPhone but would like to know how Micro Center refurbishes them. Apple, for example, replaces the battery and shell. Do you do the same thing or more/less?


  • IanIan admin

    Greetings. We do not refurbish the iPhones ourselves at Micro Center, it would have been done by Apple or a certified Apple iPhone repair center.

  • WafflerWaffler Cleveland, OH

    Hi, thanks for your answer. Just so I'm crystal clear, the refurbished iPhones you sell adhere to Apple's refurbishment process and policy as noted here: Refurbished iPhone - Apple?

    Per the website, I would also get a 1-year warranty and the iPhone I buy would be in a box with cables, etc., as if it was brand new?

  • @Waffler I'm just chiming in. The 1 year warranty for refurbished Iphones is through Apple. We (Microcenter) do sell refurbished iphones, but they only come with a 3 month warranty. Unfortunately we do not sell extended warranties on mobile devices, unless they are new.

  • WafflerWaffler Cleveland, OH

    I bought a refurbished iPhone XR today at a Micro Center and I’m VERY disappointed to say that it does NOT appear to have a new battery as certified Apple refurbished iPhones are supposed to have. There was a sticker on it warning that the battery life depended on prior usage.

    From the first reply to my post saying that the refurbished iPhones you sell come from Apple or certified Apple repairers, I took it to mean they followed the Apple policy of replacing the battery as stated on their website.

    Since I cannot return the iPhone I just purchased, I’m left with a phone that may or may not die soon due to the original battery.

    Thanks a lot for nothing.

  • @Waffler just chiming in again. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience. We sympathize with you on what information as shared regarding the refurbished Apple products. If you got the information on certified apple repairers from Apple website and refurbished iphones, be aware Microcenter is not responsible for what information is on We are Apple Certified Repairers to repair Apple products, but we're also an Apple retailer, so refurbished Apple products purchased from us are not under the Apple Certified Refurbished policy.

    If you purchased the iphone yesterday 03/20, you can still return it. What is the reference number on you MC receipt?

  • WafflerWaffler Cleveland, OH
    There’s a price sticker on it that says no returns. In any case, it’s not necessary as I’ve already begun using it. I suggest Micro Center state somewhere their refurbishment policy for various products so customers know exactly what they are getting. 
  • I completely agree with @Waffler. I bought a refurbished iphone 8 yesterday and luckily the battery is fine (98% maximum capacity) but unfortunately the screen has multiple scratches. Most are light and one small deep scratch. The phone is certainly usable but it's annoying at best. Please specify expectations for refurbished phones on the product listing. Will the device have scratches on the body or screen? Will the battery health be above a certain percentage? Those are the kinds of things that would help a consumer make a more informed decision. Knowing what I know now next time I will go with an online retailer and buy a pristine refurbished phone for the same price.

  • @Waffler if the iphone is a defective unit based on the return inspection, the store should honor your return. @brian32 sorry you are having issues with the refurbished iphone as well. Again if the iphone unit is deemed defective by the store upon the return of the product, the store will honor a return.

  • WafflerWaffler Cleveland, OH
    edited March 24

    How do you find out the battery health? I'm assuming you mean the lifespan of the battery, not the charge, correct?

    Never mind, found it. I lucked out, it's 100%.

  • Glad to hear that your battery 🔋 life is at 100%.

    Let us know if you do have any other questions or concerns!

  • WafflerWaffler Cleveland, OH

    While I'm glad that I got what I wanted, I still suggest adding info for refurbished products to better inform potential buyers what they may be getting, whether it's decreased battery life, cosmetic defects or even missing parts, if any. It's just good courtesy to extend to buyers, I think, and develops goodwill in between.

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