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  • Hi, my name is Kris.

    I am here because I need help from my Father with CANCER... He is Terminal. And you can't believe this story that I will share. It's long and terrible. It can even make you cry. It is about an HMO, destroying the lives of a family in San Diego, California- you guys have the same HMO nearby. An HMO that spends money on NBA Basketball Teams vs caring for their patients well enough NOT to kill them. The story that I have here, I will have filmed and we will distribute this documentary everywhere we possibly can. We want you to know the dangers of bad HMOs...

    During this time, a man with terrible cancer needs to escape. AND escape where it doesn't cost so much. Where he can jump on a sim and fly to any place with his son by his side. This is what we want to accomplish. I will make myself more understood soon. I'll write something nice to tell you how MICROCENTER and OUR FAMILY fits well together.

    I want to tell you that I have always taken care of my FATHER. Even in the bad times we have now. I will tell you of the fight we are in legally and if I can get any help, it would be viewing my videos in the future exposing this terrible hospital called " KAISER PERMANENTE"... you guys really need to know about them. And know how a whole family can be ruined by them. Meanwhile. Understand, during this re-seller time - a person like my father can't buy a simple video card and thus he needs help in many places.

    I am here to spread the word, because I know MICROCENTER, they HELP their customers.

    Talk soon guys. Again my name is Kris and it is GREAT! to meet all of you.


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