Price mismatch


I bought some stuff from the Overland Park store today. When I got home I noticed an item that I bought off the clearance shelf was full price on my receipt. A simple error. But to fix it they are now telling me I have to drive to the store again. Sorry, but that is a 3 hour round trip for me.

Surely there could be better customer service options than this. Is this the best they can do? Really?


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @gsi3277 and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Was the transaction done on a debt card or credit card? If its a credit card, we could work with re-running the card for the refund. If it was on a debt card, unfortunately how our Point of Sale system works, debt cards have to be re-swiped to process the refund.

    Something could be worked out with the store to put the refunded balance on a store gift card and ship to you, if not able to make it back to the store.

    But the in order for them to process the refund, the debt card has to be re-swiped if that was used for the transaction in question.

    We apologize for the error. The store would love to re-run the card, but our POS system if debt card have to be swiped for refund.

    They can only work with what they got and can control.

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