Retro Gaming Introduction


Hey everyone My name is Kiodiekin I've been using retropie since 2018. in 2019 I was one of the first to help get retropie working on the pi 4 and have been apart of all the latest advancements in the community since then, Pi marquee, vulkan drivers, redream, dolphin emulator etc. I was also the first to create a pi 4 arcade rom pack and find out what was fully capable on the pi 4 4gb 8gb and pi 400. I have a array of other hobbies as well. And have dedicated tutorials on my channel and run a number of retro gaming and pie groups. Ive water proofed and salt water proof electronics and my pi 3 and pi 4 and also did this in my rc hobbies back in 2011 as well. Glad to be apart of the community. Andy invited me


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