Dell XPS 8940 Power supply issues


Hi it appears micro center has updated this system with an Nvidia RTX3060 12GB PCle Graphics card and an extra 8GB of ram, my only concern is that the power supply is only 500W. The recommended for this system would be 700W which is fine but there are no 700W or more PSUs that would fit inside this unit. This seems like a major issue with the manufacturing any help on where I can get a new power supply?


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @ZachL and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Usually our Dell XPS 8940 system are not sold with 3000 series cards. Can you give us the reference number for you Dell XPS purchase? That way we an look up the order and specs on the Dell.

  • JS_MC
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    Hello @ZachL

    I believe you may be correct, that this is something that we have done for the Dell XPS 8940.

    Are you having issues with your new purchase? I'd be happy to assist you with them if that is the case.

    Could you point me to where you are seeing a recommended PSU of 700W for this system? I can assure you that the PSU in the system is capable of running this GPU and system safely. It is something that we have tested in our lab and from my understanding, it passed all of its tests.

    Also, NVIDIA lists the specs for their GPU on their website and lists that the 3060 only uses 170W. (The card in the left column is the 3060 Ti.) As you can see, both are pretty efficient GPUs considering the performance they give.

    I'd be happy to answer any other questions if you have them! If you're able to confirm the transaction or reference number from your purchase, we can confirm these specifications as well!


  • JS_MC

    That would be capable as it comes! The 3060 has a power draw of 170W per NVIDIA. This system would be quite capable of using the 3060.

    Are you having an issue with your XPS 8940?

  • ZachL

    Hi thanks for the speedy response, I actually returned it for another model yesterday with your 15 day policy, thanks so much for including that btw great service, that was a bit more what I was looking for

  • JS_MC

    You're quite welcome! Glad to offer the service to you!

    Please let me know if there is anything else that we can assist with!

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