Need Help! Is this a good build?



  • LTSpaceKitty

    Love how people view this post but don't reply xD

  • JS_MC

    Hello @LTSpaceKitty

    Not everyone here in the community may have the expertise that they feel they need to give the best answer, but everyone has curiosity. :)

    I do have a few questions for you about this build list!

    What do you plan to use this build for? What's your budget? What monitor are you pairing with this build?

    I do see a couple of things that I might change about your build.

    I'd recommend an M.2 drive instead of a 2.5in SSD. You'll cut down on wires, and increase the speed of your drive. I also noticed you selected the LL120 triple pack in white. I'd recommend the black version of the same product to better match the aesthetic of your case and build. No performance difference here, just preference.

  • LTSpaceKitty
    Im going to game/stream, and i have two monitors one asus i forgot what kind it is, but i also have like no knowledge on pc building.
  • TSTDavey

    @LTSpaceKitty just chiming in. Your build looks good for gaming. There are a few things you want to think about. The thermal paste (Grizzly Kryonaut) you won't need unless you want extra thermal paste. Your Kraken cooler should already have thermal paste on it. You'll want to add the cost for Windows 10 OS so you'll know the total price with an OS.

    If need ideas on where you can cut costs let us know. Looks like with this build you'll be nearing a $2700-$2900 build, which good, but only if its within your PC build budget. Stay within your budget.

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