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If anyone can help me I need a pc for warzone that can stream and have no performance issues and at least get 144 frames per second,


  • JS_MC

    Hello @EliaEden7299

    What kind of budget did you have in mind for this build?

    I'd be happy to create a build for you!

  • ChanceChanceChance
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    Here is a great option if you were looking to buy a prebuild:

    In this unit you've got a strong Ryzen 7 3700X which is more than capable to run Warzone and stream to Youtube or Twitch at the same time due to its 8 cores. It also has 1TB of storage to save your streams as a VOD or make clips out of them, as well as download Warzone itself which is around 250gb itself. The main reason for this recommendation is the RTX 3070. This will allow 144fps at 1080p in Warzone on around medium settings.

    This is certainly on the higher end of prebuilds. Warzone is a very poorly optimized game, so to run it at high fps is very demanding even for a strong system like this. If playing at even 120fps was acceptable, the system requirements would fall considerably. Also keep in mind that you would need a high refresh rate monitor to notice these high framerates. Another option is to use a second PC as your stream encoder with the use of a capture card such as an Elgato HD60 Pro.

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