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So. Fry's is dead. I had a Fry's in a nice proximity to my house in an area that you can profit from. It is big, empty, highway adjacent, and is now vacant. Personally the demise of Fry's was life changing. So many days I would go by there and talk to the people, buy some new parts and help others figure out what they are describing. There are so many businesses and upper-middle class people. Quite frankly, Microcenter is strong where Fry's was weak. It would need a coat of paint in your color scheme and the Canadian Geese there can be annoying, but it is prime real-estate. I'm talking in the center of a business area. I can't get the knowledge or tech required from Walmart or Best Buy.

Quite frankly, we need you MicroCenter, you're our only hope.

9820 Kincaid Dr, Fishers, IN 46037

Here is an aerial photo:



  • TSTDavey

    Hello @Bobby_McJoe and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. We appreciate the desire for a Microcenter store to be in Indiana. Microcenter knows there are markets for a store in states such as Indiana, Florida, etc.; hopefully at some point there will be a new Microcenter store opened in Fisher or somewhere in Indiana.

    But until then, unfortunately the closest store we have to Indiana is our Sharonville, Ohio location. It's probably a 2 hour drive from Fisher. As a joke, look on the bright side, at least its not over 500 miles away for Fisher, IN. 😊

    Anyway, we do hope to be in Indiana at some point in the future. Thanks for posting.

  • Bobby_McJoe

    Thank you for noticing. I really hope you can put a store here, partially because I think it would be a profitable move but mostly because a physical spot where I can see and inquire about an item is better. For example today I needed a RGB light something like this https://www.microcenter.com/product/511819/wyze-bulb that can be controlled through a Raspberry Pi-based smart home server or some other unique way. Websites can't provide it because it needs a conversation to figure out the best way. Kroger can't help since they are a grocery store, Meijer and Target only dabble in tech. Walmart might maybe have something, but it'll probably be in a big kit or they won't know anything other than "It's a lightbulb, it turns on and off until it doesn't turn on anymore then come back and get a new one." Thing is an LED like that isn't really supposed to die by the time I'm done with it. (~3 years in this case.) Menards, Home Depot or Lowe's might carry it but those folks work under the assumption the customer is the one that knows with absolute clarity what they are doing. They don't usually carry different brands because they really aren't electronics stores anyways.

    I looked up "Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060ti" on Walmart's website because Amazon is raising prices because of bots and miners (which I believe is completely their prerogative.) and do you know what I got? Nothing. They don't even acknowledge that thing exists. https://www.walmart.com/search/?facet=brand%3ANVIDIA&page=1&query=nvidia+geforce+rtx+3060+ti You guys will put at the very least 1 on the shelves for a reasonable, if not msrp price. I can sit out your door in the morning and run in to actually have a chance to buy a single card.

    The public schools in the area are recognized as some of the best in the region. There are lots of STEM people you can work with, many of which are students. If you decided to bring in some people the kids can go to a public school and get into their dream college very quickly. (Also, check out the area's demographics.)

    There are tons of people to work at this place and there is a whole lot of demand. Besides, having that big building empty is really not good for any parties involved and I would personally walk right into town hall, meet with the mayor and say that this is a good idea and he would be an idiot to let some other non-technology sales company move in. Besides, the city counsel has been loving bringing business here. (even with some tax incentives. In 2018 they snagged a well-known Swedish furniture company that I don't need to name.) I even talked to a person with an MBA and years of experience who said "Personally, it wouldn't effect me, but for you, Microcenter and the city It would be a great idea."

    I am going to leave it at this because I have run out of thoughts, and my free time is just about up. Just please, put it on a very short list for further expansion.

  • magarity
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    I've been in several MC and they weren't nearly as huge as the Fry's I've been in, Retail space is heckalot expensive even still. So, MC is smarter in several ways compared to Fry's and thus still in business.

    It's kind of like people in my neighborhood keep campaigning to get Trader Joe to move in to a recently abandoned Safeway. TJ's is never even half that size, don't know what they're thinking.

    Not saying MC won't ever move to your area but I'm pretty confident they wouldn't take over such a large space as what you photo'd.

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