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Arcade cabinet graphics template?

For those of us that would like to create our own vinyl graphic wraps it would be extremely helpful if templates for the various arcade cabinet options were made available. Any chance of making that happen? Full-size, 3/4, bar top, and fight-stick stand. 😎


  • I agree. Trying to get something start now...

  • @andyLeer @NickBiederman - We recently purchased your full size cabinet and are extremely happy with it! Very likely to purchase more. I wanted to echo the statements above about a template for the cabinet graphics. I want to be able to create custom artwork and have it printed, but would really appreciate it looking professional. I see that you offer several designs for sale, which gives me hope that an artwork file must exist somewhere. It would be amazing if you could offer a blank file for customers to work with - I'd even pay for the ability to download!

    Thanks so much for your time!

  • Hey guys just chiming in. Other MC Admins may add to this. But I'll be honest I just googled some things.

    We don't have any templates, but below are some links and a video. The video illustrates using Photoshop to build your own customize cabinet templates. You could always start off with a blank image, print it and draw in it if you prefer doing that. If you're not familiar with PhotoShop, there's tons of tutorial videos on Youtube.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hey @TSTDavey!

    Thanks so much for the quick response. I definitely understand what you're saying. I have experience in Photoshop so that won't be a problem. In the video you linked, the gentleman begins the process with a PSD that outlines the edge of the cabinet wood. I can create these types of files using the image I'm linking below, however I need exact dimensions to create them to the proper scale. I tried measuring some of the pieces in my kit and they came out to be somewhat inconsistent (ending in 3/4, 1/16, 5/16, etc.). Maybe the measurements in in millimeters? I am not sure.

    Does your company have a spec sheet for the exact sizes of the pieces in the kit? I imagine this must exist somewhere as it is used by your manufacturer for production. If you could provide me with that I can create the templates.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate your help with tracking this info down!

  • As these Microcenter cabinets gain traction and popularity, more arcade graphics companies are coming forward with wrap kits. Just found this one last night and ordered a Tron set for my 3/4 Microcenter cabinet.

  • @RogueDigital All we have is below, the instructions. It doesn't have the measurements. It's definitely 3/4 cabinet

    Sorry we don't have the exact measurements.

    I'd recommend to go with the measurements you were able to capture, do a blank print out, then hold it against the cabinet to determine if its off at all. Adjust it and repeat till it matches the cabinet to your liking.

    If I'm making sense.

    Other MC Forum Admins may add to this.


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