Powerspec G436 Crashing

Bought on 2/20, so not even a month ago. A couple days ago it started to freeze up in mid game, with the noise slowly becoming more and more static filled as the freezing got more intense. I was able to close the game, but shortly after everything froze.
So far I have reinstalled GPU drivers, uninstalled some recent programs, reduced monitor count (had 2 monitors and wmr vr headset, unplugged everything but 1 monitor), even got to the point where I did a fresh Windows Install, only installed any updates, Steam, and the one game to make sure no programs were messing with it. But after about 5 mins, I noticed the static/lag start. I was able to close the game, and tell windows to shut down, but it froze in the process with the dram light on.
Starting to think I may have to take it back.


  • TSPhillipT

    Hello @Grimm

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community and I apologize for the issues you are having when it comes to your PowerSpec! How were you installing your Graphic Card Drivers? Through GeForce Experience? Something you can try is taking out one stick of RAM, and seeing the performance with just one stick of RAM due to the DRAM light being on. If it still stutters, switch it out for another stick as well as try different slots.

    It does sound like you eliminated a lot of the software issues however and every solution I am looking at looks to be a hardware issue and require you to bring it into the store.

  • Grimm
    Bringing it to the store wouldn't be too big of an issue, just tried taking out a stick, started freezing up after only a min or 2, and then BSOD. I'm thinking it froze up while collecting data, as its been at 15% for a good 15 mins now.
  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    A clean Windows install is really the last step of troubleshooting, if you are still getting blue screens after that, it would most likely be best to bring this by the store under warranty.

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