Advice on picking parts for a beginners first time building a PC


Hello Everyone! I am looking to build a computer for myself but am a complete beginner. from the pc build helper on the site, this is the list I have generated, and would love the advice and opinions on you all as I have very minimal information on building/selecting parts. My goal for this PC would be to day trade, run virtual machines (cyber security major) as well as playing video games such as call of duty, fortnite, and valorant (possibly stream if I can run that on here a well). I am a fan of RGB so I would also like to have a bit of fun with that if it stays in the price range. I know this is a lot for a PC but I'm looking to keep this in the long run! My ideal price range would be anything up to $2500, but if you all think spending a bit more would be better for a build of this sort, I would definitely consider it!

I appreciate any input and here is the list I have curated that came to about $2209. Thank you in advance!


  • Ian
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    Hello, for future reference you can simply send us the link from the right side of the PC builder tool for your parts list

    Looking it over, it is a very solid list you have picked out, the water cooling you have picked out is quite much for the Ryzen 3600. I would suggest allocating some more of your budget towards a better processor, you can drop down on the water cooling even to air cooling with Ryzen.

  • Nbedi
    Hello Ian,
    Thank you for the tip on sending the list through a link and I see what you’re saying about the processor, I will do some more research on that and the cooling. If I went with air cooling, I’d just have to buy more fans to put and a heat sink right? 

  • I agree with Ian, i would allocate more of your budget towards a processor. For a first time build I probably wouldn't go liquid cooled either. You could also look into scaling back your SSD and get a big HD. Also I think your case comes with rgb fans unless you absolutely have to upgrade them they will work. And your processor comes with a heatsink and fan, so again unless you absolutely had to upgrade it, the cpu fan and the 3 or case fans will be enough.
  • Nbedi

    Thank you for the input as well! I have been looking at the AMD Ryzen 7 3800X Matisse 3.9GHz 8-Core AM4 Boxed Processor with Wraith Prism Cooler, what are your opinions on this as it also comes with a heatsink and fan?

  • JS_MC

    Hi @Nbedi

    The 3800X is a great CPU with impressive performance and its included cooler does an adequate job of keeping the CPU within proper operating temperatures! If you're planning to do any overclocking, I would strongly advise that you purchase an additional CPU cooling. Such as a larger air cooler or an AIO.

    I used the Wraith Prism with my build until I was able to purchase the NH-D15 from Noctua, which I highly recommend for air cooling.

    Hope this helps!

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