How to get a 3080 at the Madison Heights store?

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So I can only really go stand in line one day a week early in the morning, being on a Saturday. I work 5/7 days of the week at 8am so Mon-Fri is a no-go. I've been trying to get a 3080 for 3 months now and going to Microcenter weekly, earlier every time with still no luck. Is there any chance the store will go back to doing a voucher system or pre-orders? I asked about it the very first time I went in and they said they'd done away with that voucher system and that I need to be there essentially every day before open to even have a chance of getting a card. The site also says their stock is updated every 10min, which a store associate told me was absolutely not correct. He corrected me by saying it's updated maybe once a day in the morning. How exactly is someone meant to buy a card without spending a week straight from 1am-10am every day waiting in line?


  • TSPhillipT

    Hello @SlyNightmare

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community!

    I apologize for the frustrations you are having when it comes to getting a 3080, but we are implementing a Voucher system to all our stores so those at the front of the line when the store opens would get a card assuming we have them in stock. More information on that can be found here; Limited Availability Product FAQ

    The site is updated roughly every 10-15 minutes regarding stock, but stock for GPUs is pretty sporadic and can do crazy things due to how fast and quickly they sell as soon as we do stock them in.

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