Saint Louis Park, MN -- How do I get a graphics card?


I was told about some waiting list, but the information I was given seemed contradictory. If I'm understanding this right, you can only get on a waiting list in person, for that day only? Is that right? But I've also been told that if you're on the list there's no way to be sure I'll get a card. They made it seem like I could be the first one there, get on the list before anyone wakes up, and 150 people could still get cards ahead of me, resulting in me not getting one. So I guess I'm looking for clarification. Is there a functional waiting list for a graphics card?

If not, what can I do to get a graphics card?

I don't own a car and I work full time 8-4 twenty minutes away from the store.



  • steelaw
    Here is the answer to your question. Take a day off of work. camp out overnight.wait in line until the morning be one of the first top 20 and you'll have a chance of getting a video card this is how it works now cuz they is such a shortage on gpus good luck to you.
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