Looking to move my pc into a new case

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I bought a prebuilt PC from microcenter a few months ago. It is working well except the AIO cooling is incredibly loud. I want to install a nice new CPU heatsink, but the case isn't big enough to comfortably fit anything I want. Would Microcenter be able to move everything into a new case for me + install the cpu fan?

I know you guys install parts, but wasn't sure about a situation like this. Thanks!!


  • JohnMagee
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    Hey there @Squid !

    We would absolutely be able to do this for you. In regards to the cost, we would be disassembling your machine, which is typically about $50, then rebuilding the machine in a new case, without installing windows, which should be about $200, because of the AIO.

    I would take your equipment to the local micro center if this would fit your needs.

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