I bought a new mother board 03/20 it had a broken pin before install can i return for a working Mb — Micro Center

I bought a new mother board 03/20 it had a broken pin before install can i return for a working Mb

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I bought an asrock b365 pro 4. - This board had a bent pin. I opened the box when i arrived back home 2 hours later. I live 95 miles away and will be coming back down Wednesday the 24. I bought this board along with my whole setup and the pc will not display or stay on. (I love 95 miles away so i did test it). When i bring it back in (with receipt) can they test my board or build and exchange this mother board for a working one? I have to make another 180 mile round trip just want to make sure i can get this exchanged being the mother board was damaged at time of purchase. Thank you for any info.


  • Hello @Eric23 and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Was the motherboard a open box or refurbished board?

    Also give us your reference number off the receipt as well.

    It'll have to be the decision of a store Manager, which who you can speak with if you come back to the store on Wednesday, on honoring the exchange on a damaged board.

  • Eric23Eric23
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    Receipt reference # 041-PO-10156022 
    (cant tell if its P0 - PO) 
    Board was brand new un-opened 
    I live 180 mile round trip away and I’m honestly concerned. The pin was bent at time of purchase. Im worried i will drive back and have to purchase another board. I understand things happen but I am cash strapped. 
    I did purchase cpu protection aswell. But i also have a picture of the bent pin before installation. I do appreciate your speedy response by the way. I just want to make sure I didn’t throw away 75$. Thank you again
  • @Eric23 thanks for sharing the reference number. We can create a store ticket and have a Manager call you on it.

    Provide us the picture as well, we can add it to the store ticket.

    Be aware a Store Manager may not follow up with you until Wednesday or Thursday or longer. Its usually 2-3 days for a call back. But we can request for them to look over the picture and call you back on if they'll honor the exchange or not.

  • Eric23Eric23
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    I didnt have a better photo of the socket. Sorry for late response i was at work. 
    Not sure if you can see this well but in the row of the break on the right side you can see the 3rd pin is completely missing all together. The pin directly at the bottom right corner of the cpu slot location (honestly dont know the name but where the board components on the cpu actually sot). Anyways this pin itself is bent to the left. 
    This was prior to install.
    I did try to post it being im 95 miles away, itll turn on but no display then turn off immediately. I did stop attempting. 
    Anyways the bent pin is hard to see but the missing pin is clear (sorry i have an iphone 7).
    Honestly i hope we can get this resolved. I bought my whole setup and can’t run it now. Kinda sad right now. 
    - When i come in should i bring the pc with cpu and cooler mounted so they can properly test it?
    - Update i took the cpu out being the pc doesn’t run I don’t think they can do anything with cpu in it. Once the board is seen you can see it is most likely the issue. 
    If we need to test in store i will gladly reinstall the cpu and put the cooler on in store. (Cooler not staying on during transport)
    update pt.2 upon me going to store can we hook the cpu and board back up (new board) and try to post / display so i can make sure i dont have to make another trip until i need my gpu. 
  • @Eric23 Thanks for the update here. Glad the store was able to get this sorted for you.

  • Eric23Eric23
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    @LandShark I am awaiting a call from the marietta location I believe, but hopefully all goes well. Not sure what will be happening as of yet. But i will either be driving back down Wednesday the 24 or Sunday the 28 to see if we can get this board exchanged. Thank you! 
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    Ah, understood!

    Well, keep us in the loop. If you have any other concerns or questions, I'd be happy to assist as best I can.

  • @LandShark I do have a question. When i come back can i put the new mb in my build and make sure it post / display. Is that something they will let me do in store?
  • @Eric23 just chiming in. If you have tools, bring them. A staff member if available could assist you.

  • @TSTDavey Indeed I do! If i can install or need to myself i will be more than glad too! Just want to make sure it displays into bios before i drive 2 hours back. I will be in tomorrow at opening! Thank you both for the help! 
  • @Eric23 okay yeah that should work. They can find an area for you to work in.

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