Hello questions about protocol for buying GPU


Hello I was wondering if someone could wait outside the store and attempt to purchase a GPU even if they don't have a phone? I only have a wifi phone but am willing to wait daily until I get a 3080 but was reading about the need to have a text sent to you. I would be willing to wait overnight ensuring the first position in line, if anyone could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it. It would be possible to purchase a phone and activate service just for the purpose of buying a GPU however with my limited funds I would prefer not to. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing back from you.


  • JS_MC

    Hello @smaw

    I'd recommend stopping by the store to speak with a manager about this. It's possible that they may be able to make an exception, but that would fall to the manager's discretion. It's possible that they may have an alternative method of verification, however, to my knowledge a phone would be required.

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