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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am building my first PC ever. I would like to use it to game. Specifically 4k gaming. I would like to use Microsoft Flight Simulator as a benchmark since it is the most demanding title that has me interested in PC gaming. I already purchased a Sapphire Technology AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Pulse Dual-Fan 12GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 Graphics Card from MC and that's the only item that I have for this build. I am open to suggestions on any parts other than the GPU. I'm looking to build this system in the next week or so depending on part availability in my area. I have done a lot of research on my own and tried to go to multiple sources and the PC Builder list below are the items that I thought looked like the best quality/price combo. I do not care at all about aesthetics, I only care about it running as well as it can and the parts being compatible to maximize each parts life span. I'd really like to keep the total of the build (minus the GPU) under $2k US. Any advice you can give a newbie would be greatly appreciated. In a perfect world, I buy all the parts from MC then put it together myself but if I have to get some assistance from the fine folks at MC then that is fine too. Thank you again for any advice you have.


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    Hello @Gkirk21 and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. The build looks good. I would advise to add in desktop speakers or a monitor that has built in speakers to your build. I do not believe the LG 27UL500-W 27" has built- in speakers. So for audio or sound you'll need desktop computer speakers or a monitor that has built in speakers.

    Also the 1000s PSU (Corsair RMX) may be overkill for your pc build, but your system will only use the wattage is needs from the 1,000 watt PSU. This build should never need 1000 watts. You could go with a 650-700 watt PSU and it could be cheaper than the Corsair. But you could stick with the 1000 watt PSU as it won't harm your build.

    Everything else looks good to me.

  • Gkirk21

    @TSTDavey Thank you! I'm looking forward to coming in this weekend to grab some supplies and possibly get things rolling if the stock is in.

  • Ian
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    You're welcome, please let us know if you have any other questions!

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