Please help me find a 1660 Super — Micro Center

Please help me find a 1660 Super

I am looking to purchase my second system through MicroCenter but this time it will be for my girlfriend. We stream together remotely and this is the build I have in mind: Ryzen 3600, 16 gb of 3600 or 3200 ram, a 650 watt power supply, a B450M-PLUS TUF GAMING,1tb or so of m.2 ssd, lian li lancool 205M tempered glass and a couple good case fans as well as a noctuah cpu cooler.

I understand there are certain products you simply cannot buy at the store but what I want to know is whether there are certain products that are in stock when you go to the store despite saying otherwise on the website? I think I remember there being quite a few more things in store that just simply didnt show up as options or said unavailable.

I appreciate your feedback!!


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