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Need help understanding the CPU+Motherboard bundling

Hi all,

Just looking for some clarification on how the CPU+Motherboard bundling works.

I was going to get the ASRock H570M-ITX/ac, which says it can be bundled with a compatible eligible CPU for $20 off. I put it in the cart, then hopped over to the LGA1200 CPU section and added the Core i5-10400F, which also says it can be bundled with a compatible eligible motherboard for $20 off. In the cart there's no bundle deal though. How does this work?


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    Hello @MrPerfect and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Are you shopping for the bundle online for it to be delivered to you or are you reserving the bundle for in-store pickup?

    In-store pickup, the $20 will be taken off the total prices (Board + CPU) at the store. If you are purchasing online for shipping it should take off the $20 on the total price. You can call Microcenter Online Customer Service from 10am to 4pm EST at 614-850-3675 Option #3 and a representative can process the online order with the $20 off.

    Try doing the online shipping bundle in a different browser or clear your cache and cookies and try it again.

  • Okay, I see now that the Core i5-10400F has a tab on it's page saying it can be bought in a bundle with the ASUS Z490-A Prime for $20 off. The ASRock H570M-ITX/ac doesn't have one of those bundle tabs though. Does that mean there are no bundles with the ASRock H570M-ITX/ac? Does the Core i5-10400F only bundle with the ASUS Z490-A Prime?

  • @MrPerfect it can bundle with the H570M. Are you reserving this for instore pickup or shipping?

  • Oh, sorry TSTDavey. We posted at the same time!

    I was going to reserve the Core i5-10400F along with the ASRock H570M-ITX/ac for in store pickup(or just walk in and grab them, honestly). If that's okay and bundles at the register, then that's fantastic!

  • @MrPerfect no problem. Yeah you can reserve it both the board and cpu. Unfortunately our website for in-store reservations for cpu/motherboard combos doesn't calculate the discount.

    It has to be done in the store at the cash register unfortunately. So if you reserve it, you come to the store to pickup. You'll still have to go through the cashier line to finalize the purchase. They'll adjust the $20 off at the cash register.

  • Very cool. Thank you for the help!

  • @MrPerfect no problemo. I'm glad we could help and answer your questions over the Microcenter Forum. Take care.

  • I'm looking to bundle a 10700K and MSI Z490M Gaming Edge WiFi mATX motherboard, however the motherboard is currently out of stock. I could wait for the motherboard to come back in stock, but I'd be worried about the CPU going out of stock or the sale price changing during that time. I could reserve the CPU now and I know that it will be held for 3 days and I can lock in the price. If the motherboard comes back in stock during that time, can I reserve the motherboard with a separate reservation number, and then have the $20 taken off when I go to pick up and pay for the two separate reservations together?

  • IanIan admin

    Greetings. Yes, you can do that. That would not be an issue to get the bundle discount.

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