Inability to log into Wells Fargo end of all this credit card business


Yes, I know, Wells Fargo handles the credit card you folks offer to people.

Are you aware of the total muck-up going on over there?

Haven't been able to log into my account at all there. This doesn't bode well on your own image.


  • cyberfyber

    Also, if this sort of nonsense continues then I'm more likely to cancel my card immediately after paying everything off and thus, less likely to buy at your store again.

  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    If you are having issues with Wells Fargo, customer support can be reached at 800-459-8451.

  • cyberfyber

    Uhuh, that got me nowhere. Three days now.

    Closing out my account immediately after paying my balance. IF I can ever get into my online account.

    No one should have to go through this. That 5% off isn't worth this sort of nonsense.

  • JS_MC

    Hello @cyberfyber

    Sorry to hear that you're having an issue logging into your Wells Fargo account. Since this is your personal and banking information which is handled by Wells Fargo, we are unable to assist you with this matter directly. I believe that you will find the best resolution to this concern by contacting Wells Fargo.

    Here are more resources and methods you can use to contact them regarding this concern:

    Thank you

  • cyberfyber

    No one's asking you for help.

    What I'm doing is alerting you and others of this nonsense.

  • jasonline

    @cyberfyber I'm right there with you. My $61 purchase cost me an additional $114, because I couldn't log in to pay or see my balance. I won't be using the MicroCenter Wells Fargo card any more. I, too, don't need a response from MicroCenter with the Wells Fargo Contact info. I'm just here to warn people that the 5% discount is NOT worth it and may cost you more money in the end.

    I love Micro Center but am not as eager to shop there because of the Wells Fargo experience.

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