I need help troubleshooting an Oculus Rift S


I have been trying to troubleshoot my Rift for about a week now and I'm having an issue with the display on the Headset it just doesn't turn on, no backlight or anything at all. Now I have done pretty much everything starting with un-installing and re-installing the Oculus setup software restarting my system like 20 times now updating my USB drivers, taking off any power-saving feature that's in the Windows settings unplugging it, and plugging it back in trying different USB connectors on the back of my mobo. Disconnecting and connecting back the cable that goes to the headset, trying different DP inputs in my GPU, and nothing has worked. I have been able to test that it's not the Rift one because I returned it yesterday and still have the same issue, and two while I was searching through Reddit to see if anyone else had the same problem I found a Reddit thread that had the same identical problems when I scrolled down to the last comment and it was by someone called NT202, "Yep. It was my GPU. Manufacturers fault from the start. Just set it off yesterday to NVIDIA for repair or replacement." He apparently tested it on another GPU and it just worked. I was thinking of trying it out but remembered that I can't really get my hands on any or at least that can run VR due to the shortage in supply. So the whole reason I have written this discussion is to ask if Microcenter could help me resolve this issue whether its by somehow letting me buy a graphics card (not a 30 series those things are impossible to get) something like a 2060 which I have in my system right now. Or if they can test it in their own benches to see if the problem has anything to do with the graphics card which would be more efficient.

Reddit post- https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/d37qo6/rift_s_oculus_isnt_working_correctly_notification/


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