New Here, but an MC Vet

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Just introducing myself.

My first trip to Micro Center (Dallas, TX) was to buy a 4 Megabyte (MB not GB) stick of RAM for my first computer, a used IBM PS/2 Model 55.

It was much like today. There was a counter back where the motherboards are today, and you would wait in line to tell them what you wanted. I was 9 years old at the time. My dad worked at Texas Instruments (opposite side of the freeway) for 30 years, so I knew about MC long before it was the cool place to go.

Today I run a workstation as I do a lot of video editing. The specs are insane for a PC built in 2016, a bit insane for today as well... less so with Threadripper being a thing. Check it out by searching for Project Sledgehammer on YouTube on the channel Tech-Know Scope.

I don't know how involved I'll be on here, but I heard they have a new community from Linus Tech Tips, so here I am!


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