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I’m looking to replace my monitor (7 years old, 1600x900, 20”, VGA), mainly because I’d like to subscribe to the Criterion Channel, and that requires HDCP compliance.

For reasons of space I’m looking at something in the 24” range. I use my computer for browsing the internet (sometimes for extended periods), watching movies and TV shows, listening to music, and sometimes recording music. I don’t game at all. I don’t need speakers on the monitor, though I don’t mind if they’re there.

I have this computer, unmodified:

In researching over the past few days, I’ve been leaning toward these, sometimes one, sometimes another:

AOC 24G2

Viewsonic XG2405

Asus ProArt PA248QV

The first two are gaming computers, and as I said, I don’t game, but they seem good. After days of reading all kinds of reviews, I honestly don’t remember how they ended up at the top of the list, but they did.

I’ve been leaning most heavily toward the Asus, because the color quality seems like it might be good for movies and because I might at some point get back into taking and editing photos (strictly hobby level). And the extra space might be nice when using music software. Will I have any trouble with the 1920x1200 resolution with the computer listed above? And will I need a different HDMI cable than the one suggested on the product page (it says it has a max resolution of 1080)? Maybe this one: ?

Alternatively, maybe given my computer and usage, any of these would be overkill and I should get something like one of these (though if I can use it without problem, I am still leaning toward the Asus ProArt):

Sorry for lengthy post. Any input or advice is welcomed.


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