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Cooling solutions for I7-10700K

I do not want to use a water cooling solution. Would the Noctua L9a-AM4 Low profile cooler be able to handle the 17-10700k in a Aorus Z590 Ultra LGA 1200 MB if there is no or minimal overclocking used if not what would I need minimum again I want to avoid water and do not overclock. Would using XMP to get the most out of 16MB DDR4-3200 memory affect the cpu heat? This is my first build. I do not game but want a stable system for high performance in Light Room, Photoshop and Premiere. I am looking at a LIAn Li 205 case, Intel 660 2tb NVME M.2 for primary storage and a 2-4 tb HDD for image storage. My budget is $1100-1300


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