New to this forum, but massively involved in low cost computing!


Hi all!

I've been buying from MC for over 15 years now and still go to the local locations surrounding me at least once a week. I specialize in building cheap, effective gaming rigs for the least looked out for communities in NYC.

I retired form IT a few years ago and dedicated myself to trying to get the poorest of my communities into PC gaming. I think its much cheaper to do this over console gaming and will in the long run save already cash strapped parents from going broke supporting the likes of Sony and Microsoft...even Nintendo is getting ridiculously expensive these days....sigh.....

Anyway, I do this by sourcing older no longer used NOS parts from the bowels of the web and finding a new home for them, not used parts mind you but new ones. MC has been very helpful in getting me hard to find legacy parts that help make the builds doable. I try and use as many up to date parts as those types of builds will allow, like SSD's in place of spinning discs for instance. Every little bit helps!

Anyway, I'm happy to be here and look forward to adding to this fine community!


  • TS_EmileC

    Hello @dragon2knight and welcome to our community forum! I can definitely agree the cost of consoles have went up over the years. Having recently switched to PCs, the cost is more upfront but overtime, it outlast the consolve. PCs have been increasing in demand as well but will be the lower cost vs console! You should post a picture of some of your builds in our showcase and completed builds!

  • TSTDavey

    @dragon2knight just chiming in. Yes welcome to the community forum. I agree overtime the PC hardware for gaming won't necessarily change to support games; whereas new consoles are released with changed hardware and higher costs. Long term your PC won't need to change hardware and depending on the PC user, the pc is more durable than the video game console.

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