i need help for my $1000 build — Micro Center


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    Hello @Chao5uns. I like the build overall. With a mini case and mini-ITX board, you are limited to the things you are going to be able to upgrade in the future. What are you planning to use this PC for?

  • Hello @Chao5uns

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! Taking a look at the build, the parts all seem solid, with the only issue being the Power Supply. The Thermaltake Core V1 uses a standard ATX Power Supply and not an SFX Power Supply. You will need to switch to an ATX Power Supply. I also recommend upping your wattage just a bit more as well.

  • Looks really nice I'd say consider a STORAGE HDD Windows 10 the OS takes up space on the drive its installed on. So like maybe if you can squeeze out another 100 to 140 usd for a storage drive. of like a TB? If this is a gaming rig AAA games are not a small thing they are often 60 to 150 GB's. Unless you are using this 1000 usd PC for just art you are going to probably need to do extreme storage management.

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