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Store Policy CPU/Mobo limits

Hey Microcenter.. I suggest you consider tweaking your policy of 1 CPU/Mobo per customer if you don't want Amazon to eat your lunch AND use up your TP.

Yesterday I drove a half hour with my wife to the closest store you have. As usual its packed and challenging to keep to social distancing. Our goal was to buy 2 sets of the new intel cpu and motherboards, along with as many accessory items as we could pack in a cart. We're both working professionals and our computers are both our entertainment and our most important tools for work. We were just there a couple weeks ago and spent a couple grand on a laptop and gaming monitor, so this is not the tale of a couple low budget people trying to abuse your sales.

I was told sorry, can only have 1 cpu and 1 mobo.. but really if I come back another day I can do it all again. Seriously? I can appreciate not wanting me to buy 10 CPU's at your discounted/loss leader price then sell 9 for a nice profit on ebay. That was not the plan. My wife and I would like to upgrade NOW not days apart to meet your outdated retail policy.

This morning with 5 minutes of work I purchased the same CPU for $5 more, and the same motherboard without the $20 qualified discount. So effectively for the opportunity cost of $25, I don't have to get off my butt and squeeze between families wandering aisles in your always busy local store, saved myself an hour of driving, and it'll be delivered to my home in a few days.

I suggest you revisit that policy while you still have a business. Your associates tell me they hear this complaint all the time.

Meanwhile I just spent another $800 on RGB equipment on Amazon for my wife's build. I could have bought all that from your stocked shelves yesterday if you hadn't disappointed me and exhausted me with all your nonsense outdated retail business models.



  • IanIan admin
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    I can understand the frustrations with the current limits we have in place. We can send your information over to store management to see what options may be able for you regarding the purchase limits. If you would like to do that, please let us know and we can look into this further with you.

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