Question regarding Return Policy after 30 Days — Micro Center

Question regarding Return Policy after 30 Days

On January 17 2021 I had bought several parts for a PC build from the microcenter in rockeville, It was my first PC build so I took my time building it. But I found out that the 80+ Bronze 600W Red Dragon PSU that I had bought on sale did not have a 6+2 PCIE Power Connector for the graphics card. So I put off the build and focused on school. I contacted Red Dragon Shop and found out that they were a distributor not the manufacturer, so I contacted Red Dragon Zone support (the manufacturer) but no response for 2+ weeks and still nothing today. It's perhaps my fault for buying a 3rd party PSU (was trying to save money). And I found out recently that the return policy of microcenter is 30+ days. Im wondering if there can be any sort of extension of some sort for the return of an open box item (although it's unused since there was no 6+2 PCIE cable and I couldn't use it anyway)


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