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Store raffle to make getting GPU's more fair

I'm new here, but when i searched this topic i didn't really see this asked before. I remember when the Nintendo Switch first came out I heard of stores in Japan that would hand out raffle tickets and then on shipment days they would post the winning numbers on twitter or their website and you had until the end of business day to come claim or they would just pull a new number and it would go to the next person the following day and so forth. Last time i went to try and get a GPU there was 150 people in line and the store only got 7 cards that day. Am i wrong to feel like this would be a much better system to implement here with this shortage ongoing? -home store is Overland Park, KS


  • Hello @Mindsdesire13 and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. A raffle or a lottery system for GPUs, I think would be something to consider.

    But unfortunately the Admins on this forum are not MC Leadership who can make\ these types of decisions.

    Also MC has certain agreements with GPU manufacturers on how they want MC to provider or sell their products to consumers. I'm not sure if there is something contractually that prohibits MC from doing a raffle. I haven't heard of any other retailers doing GPU raffles (ex., Best Buy, etc.) as of yet. I'm assuming other retailers may have certain contractual agreements with GPU manufacturers as well.

    But we can certainly shoot this suggestion up the chain to leadership and have them take it from there.

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