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I'm looking to build a PC for


Streaming Live on Twitch

Can handle Dual or Triple Monitors

Run multiple programs simultaneously, easily and smoothly.

Can be upgraded over time for some longevity

I was recommended this pre-built PC, but because it's out of my budget, maybe it can be recreated with parts for cheaper?

My budget is $1k after tax, (preferably much cheaper.) Is this realistic? Please help.


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @bbkyle and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. To do what you are trying to do with dual and triple monitors, multiple programs at once smoothly, etc., you'll need more than $1K unfortunately.

    Take a look at the link below, you can start off slow with like a start up gaming build, then upgrade parts later when you have more capital.

    Look at the link and the pc build for $700. You could go with 8 gb of RAM and the 1650 super or the RTX 2060 (recommend the 2060) and a 512gb HDD. Go with the x570 motherboard as well.

    The 8 gigs of ram and the lower capacity HDD will get you under 1K.

    Upgrade your ram to 16 gig and 1tb hard drive later when have more money.


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