Need Help Choosing Parts

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice. I don't know too much about pcs but this is what I picked


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    Greetings. What is the intended use of the PC and your overall budget?

  • EMi_Comps
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    • R5-5600X (Good choice. Price to IPC is good)
    • MSI AMD B550 Motherboard (great match for the chip for middle to lower elite gaming) Remember the load new bios, once you finish build. 3x 4-pin system fan connectors (remove the case fan that come with the case.)
    • 16GB - DDR4-3200 CL16 Ram (sweet spot for gaming and production)
    • NZXT Case.. solid, good air flow.
    • ROG Power Supply... 650 Watt... Will work for single card system. (would recommend you find a 750 Watt, for future video cards)
    • PNY Quadro P620 2GB GDDR5, This card is not for gaming, but will work due to the lack of silicon right now... Just a chance, ask your store for a transfer from another store for the AMD Power Color RX 550 4GB... Video ram is double, but same speed. This should increase FPS in game.
    • Crucial MX500 1TB.. Would switch to NVME drive, for faster access. but solid choice of drives. The Inland Premium 1TB is 2 dollars cheaper, and faster than the MX500.
    • Seagate Barracuda 2TB.. Solid, keep it no matter what else you change, Personally own 4 of these... 3 in my server.
    • Thermaltake UX200 Cooler, You might have a case fitting issue... with the NZXT Case. Double check the height with the board and case, our you may not be able to close the side panel. Good thing that the chip comes with a cooler... unless you plan to over clock, this cooler is not needed. Add the 44.99 back to your video card budget...
    • Windows 10 Home... Solid... Linux support for this board and chip is good as well.
    • Lian Li Case fans... 3 for 99.99 (3 pack) or 3 x 3 for 29.99 (sku: 126052) (1 per pack) .save 10 bucks and buy the individual fans.
    • CableMod RGB Strip - The set you have listed is compatible with Gigabyte RGB Fusion, supported directly on the motherboard. So You can still use it, but addressing may be an issue. since the FANS are RGB, I would drop these all together. The MSI is not supported for direct control.

    Hope this help answer some questions. Last thing, I would recommend is you look into a prebuilt unit with similar pricing, to your build, you might be able to get a GTX 1660, or 20 series card right now, for the same price.. Granted the future upgrades can be limited, but if gaming is what you want, it could be the better way to go. NOTE: DO NOT GET MICROSOFT WINDOWS "S" Edition. this can only use software from the Microsoft Store.

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