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Unable to verify billing address = lost sale

Entered address, got suggestion for slightly different format for "verified address", chose that one. Entered CC info, ==> "Unable to verify billing address."

Tried different browser, added URL to white list.

FAQ suggestions don't help. Don't see useful contact information.

I don't live anywhere near any of your pick up locations. At this point, I'm giving up on your site. Too bad for both of us.


  • @JKS Hi what are you trying to buy?

    If its a technical repair or part swap thing. At least at my location I found out its easiest to go in person and get the service request done.

  • Hello @JKS

    If you are attempting to purchase something online and have it delivered then this is something we can help you with over the phone. I do apologize you are having this issue, There are times our verification / fraud protection will flag orders it shouldn't.

    You can call us at 614 850 3675 option 3 and we can help you place this order over the phone. The hours are 10 AM to 5 PM EST Monday through Saturday.

    @BubbleMax Thanks for the suggestion and you are correct. If this had anything to do with an in-store purchase or service then the stores themselves can resolve this for you once you arrive.

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