Unable to verify billing address = lost sale


Entered address, got suggestion for slightly different format for "verified address", chose that one. Entered CC info, ==> "Unable to verify billing address."

Tried different browser, added URL to white list.

FAQ suggestions don't help. Don't see useful contact information.

I don't live anywhere near any of your pick up locations. At this point, I'm giving up on your site. Too bad for both of us.


  • BubbleMax

    @JKS Hi what are you trying to buy?

    If its a technical repair or part swap thing. At least at my location I found out its easiest to go in person and get the service request done.

  • TS_JosephF

    Hello @JKS

    If you are attempting to purchase something online and have it delivered then this is something we can help you with over the phone. I do apologize you are having this issue, There are times our verification / fraud protection will flag orders it shouldn't.

    You can call us at 614 850 3675 option 3 and we can help you place this order over the phone. The hours are 10 AM to 5 PM EST Monday through Saturday.

    @BubbleMax Thanks for the suggestion and you are correct. If this had anything to do with an in-store purchase or service then the stores themselves can resolve this for you once you arrive.

  • Devin_A

    Wow! Just wow. There are literally dozens of threads GOING BACK YEARS here of people being unable to verify their billing address and having to do some arcane work around or call support to get it done over the phone. Many people just gave up. Imagine how many gave up without even posting here. Incredible mismanagement and bad experience. How much money has been lost I wonder. No wonder Amazon is so huge. Their site actually works. Micro Center just doesn't care or they would have fixed this ages ago. I tried the work arounds and then tried calling but they were closed. Why am I putting in so much effort for a company that doesn't even care? Guess I'll just go to Amazon.

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