rude supervisor?


I could not find a email address or form to complete to provide customer service feedback, so I guess I will post it here.

I have been in the market to replace my inoperative 2080 card - since I cannot use my PC currently.

Sunday morning the Microcenter website showed GeForce 3070, 3080 and 3090 cards along with AMD 6700's and some other cards available at the Parkville, MD store. So I went to the store to get in line. When I showed up there were already about 4-6 people in line at 10am. A few minutes after getting in line, the manager (African American Women with short hair - I unfortunately did not get her name) came out and got very loud with those of us standing out side saying there were no cards available and it is not Microcenters policy to allow customers to line up out side. After she went in, 2 of the people in line discussed they had a altercation with this women earlier in the morning. We then noticed that some of the cards previously listed as available, had been removed from the website. When the store opened and I went in the back to try to purchase a AMD 6700, I was told the only way to purchase a graphics card was if you are doing an entire PC build.

The lack of professionalism this women enacted was a terrible reflection on Microcenters reputation. If the store in-fact had these cards available, and she acted as a child and removed them is beyond words.

As a regular Microcenter shopper I have seen people line up for these GPU cards on a weekly basis, and have NEVER heard that 1) you cannot line up and 2) you can only purchase a card for an entire PC build. There was a gentleman in line that drove 4 hours to purchase a card just to be denied because a manager woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

Attached to this forum post are the FAQ related to limited availability product launch. Someone should provide this to the "Manager" that worked on Sunday morning, This clearly encourages lining up out front of the store, and does not state GPU purchase for new builds only.


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    Hello, I am sorry to hear of your experience. I have sent you an email for further assistance.

  • I was also there that Sunday morning, the first in line, actually. It was very weird, because it got to be 6 am, and at that point, the 3080 had just been added to the inventory, which wasn’t there when I first saw the other cards come up around 1am. The store manager (her name was like Cathryn, Cathleen, something that began with a C) said that the cards were on the site “because of repairs and they needed serviced.” Then, around 9am, there was a short, stocky Asian American lady in a red shirt that they buzzed in (someone who either A) didn’t work there, or B) worked there, and came in on her off day, for whatever reason) left about ten-20 minutes after all the cards were pulled from the site. The gentlemen who was second in line, behind me, asked her (as she was getting buzzed in) if the cards on the site meant that they were in stock, and she said “yes”, which leads me to believe she had worked/works there. One of the issues that caused the African American assistant manager, mentioned by OP, to get so bent (who also started yelling at a guy who had just gotten in line, towards the back) was because we were standing in a construction zone, and the second man in line, as well as myself, “was extremely rude and disrespectful” to the store manager. I didn’t know asking questions about “mistakes” on the website is rude or disrespectful, especially when the store manager is telling the guy who drove four hours away that “it was a mistake on his part for driving four hours based on what was put up on the website”, and how “she was taking them down” and “for us to get out of here”. In fact, A) there was absolutely no apologies from either the store, or assistant manager for making that “mistake” on their store website... they both actually seemed pretty snarky and adamant on conveying how all of us in line were dumb for coming to their store based on the products they had “available” in store, and B) there were no signs stating that we couldn’t stand in the portion of the sidewalk that was not gated off. Apparently, “the store has been getting fined for you people standing outside lined up” <- (quote from the store manager at Parkville, once again her name was cathryn or something that began with the letter C)...nice to know that she can address us as ‘you people’, but all of us who were standing in line, simply asking why the website said items that “weren’t in stock” said they were in stock are the ones who are rude in the eyes of the assistant store manager. Sorry...I’ve rambled for a good bit now. However, being the first one in line, I moved the line to a different spot as soon as the assistant manager screamed at us to move away, I never got surly with the store manager when she was walking up and instantly barked at us asking why we were lined up...Nothing. Another gentlemen even tried showing the pdf file the OP attached regarding limited availability and lines to the assistant manager (who said we weren’t allowed to line up) who pretty much motioned him to talk to her hand. Absolutely unacceptable behavior from people in a management position, and this is coming from someone who works in the shipping Industry, who has taken the time to help my costumers get their packages that hadn’t followed the proper procedure in my building...definitely need to work on their professionalism, be retrained in professionalism, or look for new store and assistant managers. Great store, horrible customer experience from the people who supposedly “run” the store.
  • Sorry! Also forgot to mention...there was a guy third in line (he got scared off by the store manager) who asked her if there were any 5950x cpus available (website said there was, she said there wasn’t) in g,, as well as a 3090, and she said that if she gave him his number she could text him when they were back in stock. And, from my angle, it didn’t really look like she was typing his number in at all! Where or not she was, is another story. But it definitely didn’t look like she was saving his number, etc.
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