What, in your estimation, constitutes "Complete" when you're selling Open Box items?


I ask because I'm going to be having to go back into your Dallas store tomorrow with two 3D printer Items.

I bought an opened box Creality Ender3 v2 printer and a BL Touch bed leveling kit from you.

Attached is a picture of the labels for both. Do note the claims of "Complete" on the both of them.

Also attached is a picture of the BL Touch as it was in the box. Note the little cutout below the plastic cylinder in the packaging...

It lacks the plastic sensor probe the device uses to sense bed distance with when the hotend/head is being lowered to find out Z-Axis limits on 16 points over the surface of the bed as illustrated by the following picture...

Definitely NOT complete.

The printer lacked the X-axis timing belt that is used for precision positioning of the printhead. It also lacked the bowden tube that connects the feed motor to the hot-end extruder assembly forming a complete extruder assembly and it lacked the hotend pneumatic quick-connect that the bowden tube is inserted into. Definitely NOT complete.

Clearly so in both cases such that any tech examining the packaging for completeness would have seen this.

So...what gives guys? Usually, you're real GOOD at catching missing items and documenting them CLEARLY on the open-box label. I know this because you've had me as a customer for 20 some odd years.


  • madscientist42

    And now...for the completion of this story.

    Kudos are in order for the Dallas store. No fuss, no muss. And I have a new Ender3 V2 sitting next to me in my office waiting to be unboxed and assembed. Thank you for being the reseller I've come to expect for the last 20+ years. While I was frustrated and you needed to know this happened...it was cleanly and clearly taken care of in the right way. Amazon? New Egg? Yeah, this would've been "FUN" with them. This was just a trip to the store like it should've been.

  • madscientist42

    (And as an aside, I had another probe for the BL Touch from another source, so it didn't get or need to be returned/exchanged- I would've been doing that too...and got the same treatment. :-D)

  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    Hello, sorry we didn't get a response to you about this. I am glad to hear the Dallas store was able to get this resolved for you quickly and easily.

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