No signal + DRAM debug LED


RTX 3070, 5600x, 570 Tomahawk, Corsair Rm750x, WD SN550

Just built a new computer that boots, all the fans, rgb, etc turn on, but it will not post or, at the very least, I can't see anything happening on screen because my monitor does not detect any signal from the GPU (yes, I have tried multiple cables, as well as hooking up to motherboard HDMI). On my motherboard, the DRAM debug LED is lit up white and will not go away. I've tried numerous RAM combinations, using the original PSU cables rather than the custom extensions, booting up the PC w/o a GPU, etc, nothing seems to work.

Any advice?


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @MeowMix and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. For the 5600x and the 570 Tomahawk the bios may need to be updated for the board to support the 5600x Cpu.

    You can bring it to the store for a bios update for $30 or install a older AMD Ryzen chip like a 3rd GEN cpu and update the 570 bios.

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