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hi all. noob here. kinda clueless. silly question: any info on when some amd graphics cards might show up? i have a 2017 iMac, with Big Sur. running cinema 4d on it, but in order to use redshift, I need (ideally) an AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT Graphics card... or anything that would work for me. even from the 5000 series. I know about the global shortages, but any thoughts/input would be greatly appreciated. thanks!


  • TS_EmileC

    Hello @renderzzz and welcome to our Community! As of now, we do not have an ETA for specific models restock in our stores just yet. I personally wouldn't go with a 6000 series card yet. The newer the release, you have to deal with the cons while manufacturers come up with the solution. Which can take awhile. I would go with a 5000 series card to start like a 5700XT and upgrade if needed in the future.

  • renderzzz

    Thanks! Yes, I've heard those are the safest bet. I'll try! But it seems they are even harder to come by than the 6000s. Is that right?

  • TSTDavey

    @renderzzz just chiming in. For your 2017 Imac, you can't swap our graphic cards in an Apple Imac. You'll have to go with an egpu or external graphic enclosure (Razer Core X). See link below.

    And we have no information on if the 6000 series cards are harder to come by. For you Imac, look at the 5700 XT to go in a egpu enclosure.


  • renderzzz

    Excellent, yes. Thanks! I'm certainly trying.

    Can I ask, when places like Best Buy and/or Micro Center get re-stocked (every week or so), are there generally a fair number of 5700 XTs on the truck? I'm guessing there would be more of the shiny new 6000s..(?)

  • TSTDavey

    @renderzzz We can't speak for Best Buy. But depending on the store, some get 0 , others get 1 or 2 or 5. The stores don't get a lot as to why the website says "Limited Availability".

    Its best to visit the store for information on the best way to get a card.

    Sometimes the store can tell what cards will be on the truck a day before. So best to visit the store, speak with a BYO salesman, they can give the best information on how to obtain a 5700 at your local MC store.

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