Video Card chance to purchase......not likely!


I want to ask why Microcenter lets people camp outside the store waiting to buy the RTX 3k series video cards? I have been a very loyal customer for over 25 years and Tuesday I went into the store to the Build your own system counter to see if there was any of the RTX series video cards in stock to find out they had none and when I asked about how to get one I was told when they did come in the people camping outside had priority to get them. Well this has me very angry because I am medically disabled and couldn't camp outside even if I wanted to. This policy tells me I am no longer a valued customer. Now after more than 25 years I have to try to find a RTX 3k series card anywhere I may get lucky enough to find one. If I end up finding the video card at another store I will have my computer built there and never return to Microcenter again. Up until this point I have told people how great Microcenter is. Many of my relatives and friends have purchase there computers there because of me telling them how great the store was. I guess it's not the case anymore.


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    Hello @gaming_zombie and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum.

    Sorry for the inconvenience of not being able to obtain a RTX 3000 series card from our MC stores.

    Unfortunately there is a Graphic Card shortage across the computing industry around the world.

    You're probably already aware of this, but every retailer including MC is frustrated that electronic companies can't keep up with the demand.

    Nvidia didn't make enough and didn't forecast the huge request for these types of cards, especially during a pandemic and with everyone needing to work from home.

    Its not the retailers fault nor is it Microcenter's.

    We can only sell the number of units that the manufacturer (Nvidia) can produce and provide to consumers through retailers like Microcenter.

    Our store sometimes may get 1 card in inventory. Sometimes they get zero cards.

    Because of the limited availability of RTX 3K GPU units MC is provided (ex., 1-2 cards, sometimes more) to sell, this is one of many factors and variables as to why the "first come first buy" is the strategy to manage the limited number cards MC stores receive.

    MC can only work with what they got, especially from the RTX 3000 Series Manufacturer (Nvidia).

    Again Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is all we got to work with at the moment.

    Other retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, or online shops such as Amazon and Newegg do carry these cards as well.

    But its a struggle for them to keep up with the demand too. Those are other retail sellers for the RTX 3000 series card. Usually they are about $200-400 more than are price if shopped online (ex., Amazon), but if not able to make it to our store, there are other alternatives to get the RTX 3K Nvidia graphic card.

    We hope you are able to get a card from us (MC), whether you have someone who is able to camp out for you to attempt to get a card or you find other means to visit our store; however, we do understand the circumstances if not able to visit the store.

    Good Luck

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